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About Trampoline

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About Trampoline
     Trampoline history back to the 19th century Comanche Indians of North America, while in China using a similar circus acrobats trampoline there are at least 200 years old. In 1999, the International Trampoline Federation of International Gymnastics Association to become a union, and in 2000 the 27th Olympic Games to become an official event. Since 2004, China began to participate in competitions of this project, and we will continue to get good results. Wenna, Lu Chunlong, Dong Dong, are our national gold medalist in the Olympic project. Lu Chunlong or State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center trampoline gymnastics section elected "trampoline ambassador", as well as teaching the public trampoline 'head coach. "He actively promote mass trampoline activities for amateur coaches training trampoline rules of science for the masses

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