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                  Dole Island trampoline park
   Swept the United States, Australia trampoline youth sports park project, the first to enter the Chinese settled - Shanghai Dole Island trampoline park. The adolescents are particularly fond of trampoline activities into China, it belongs to the Chinese mainland's first professional large-scale modular trampoline park
Sport: Children jump zones, free trampoline area, master dunk area, dodgeball games area, foam marine areas, to expand the training area.
Address: Baoshan District, Shanghai high-Yin Road 65 4F (near Yixian Road)             opposite the National Chiao Tung University High School

Take Shanghai Metro: Line 3 under high-Yin Road, crossing the road up to 100 meters east of the island music trampoline park.

99,502,760,1608 Yingao Yoshiura under way on the road to,
51, 51 area, 100 meters east under 52,116,116B, 132, 302,502,713,751,912,952 high throughout the temple.

By car:
Yin Yixian Elevated Road exit east 100 meters high.

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