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    Dole Island Trampoline Park Sports Safety Disclaimer book
Welcome Dole Island trampoline park! Please read carefully before entering the sports area the following elements:
Basic regulations
1, the proper use of standardized field equipment, prevent personal injury, or at your own risk. Improperly cause damage by the museum facilities, the customer shall be liable for compensation;
2, the museum may not have to fight, fight or other violations of laws, resulting in any personal injury, trampoline park does not assume any liability and reserves the right to legal action;
3, in the trampoline park smoking, spitting, littering, loud noises and all other illegal activities;
4, drink, pregnant women, high blood pressure, mental illness, heart disease, acrophobia, hypoglycemia, vertigo patient, epileptic and so on. And limbs hurt but can not provide proof of rehabilitation hospital issued, please do not enter the venue motion, if a corresponding injury, trampoline park does not assume any responsibility;
Sports Safety
1, the customer must strictly abide by all the safety instructions and all field area regulations. As contrary to who is entitled to the trampoline park suspend or cancel its qualifications in this field of sport;
2, the movement for the first time to enter the venue should be preceded watch sports safety Disclaimer Terms understand, understand the safety requirements of the project area;
3. Do not wear shoes into the trampoline sports area, be sure to wear special non-slip socks, non-slip socks purchased at the museum shopping district.
4, place the items in the pockets emptied before entering the venue, please take good care of belongings; if found items brought damage to sports equipment, should bear the maintenance costs or the original compensation. Valuables can be placed in lockers, or registered to the foreground.
5, when you enter the stadium, do not carry keys, lighters, glasses, credit card issuers and other sharp hard objects. Avoid a danger in jumping process, if brought into the stadium without permission, damaging themselves and others as well as facilities, the sole responsibility of carriers.
6, do not eat snacks, drink trampoline sports area (such as chewing gum, candy, drinks, etc.);
7. Do not chasing on the trampoline sports area; the venue prohibits all forms of pushing, tackles, running, back people, wrestling and other influence or endangering others all play any kind of sport.
8, do not do anything dangerous actions without foundation and self-protection cases, difficult moves, if there is any danger, trampoline park does not assume any responsibility;
9, prohibiting any two people jumping on a trampoline sports. Try to separate activities, to avoid people movement on the same trampoline and dangerous; do not jump from one trampoline to another piece of someone's trampoline;
10, out of your own and others' safety considerations, do not lie on the trampoline, sit, those who go to the recreation area in need of rest breaks or other safe area.
 11, difficult jumps, tumbling action has a certain risk, please pay attention to safety and carried out under the guidance of coach. Coaches will remind you to exercise essentials, and guidance to help you, but it has nothing to do all the consequences of your refusal caused this trampoline park;
12, moderate exercise is the key to achieving the desired objectives, but also the key to avoiding injury, within its capacity in the range of motion, if it is due to individual members without foundation and self-protection capabilities, challenges any dangerous action, tough action caused by sports injuries, trampoline park is not liable;
13, The Trampoline Park Sports Centre is a public place, please civilized sport, prohibiting any slapstick, sliding, malicious acts such as bullying others. Once found, we'll ask you to leave immediately.
14, trampoline parks have purchased the relevant insurance for each movement of customers into the store, if you are in motion during trampoline park, trampoline park because of sports injuries and other causes of accidents in the first time, please contact the staff trampoline park, trampoline park will be based on insurance companies underwriting opinions of appropriate compensation.
Legal Description
1, if the force majeure beyond the control of the trampoline park occurred, including any war, strikes, typhoons, floods, droughts, famine and other natural disasters or fire, and causes a trampoline park can not operate normally, depending on the specific circumstances of force majeure accordingly waive or reduce the responsibility of the trampoline park;
2, if the Constitution or the Annex to this or other matters related to the meaning of the trampoline park or divergence of interpretation, can contact trampoline park negotiated settlement;
3, trampoline park can be modified at any time and change any part of the statute then in effect or Annex. Trampoline park each time you change the change, but it will no longer inform members notices on the stadium wall area, all about the changes to all members and other interested parties Jie binding.
We are willing to provide a healthy, clean and safe sports facilities, at the same time, we need your cooperation and support. Your health force, vitality is the driving force Dole Island trampoline park sustainable development, I wish you and your family a happy movement Here
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